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How to Know When it is Time to Get New Running Shoes

The need to stay fit has caught on in many regions in the world. People are looking to keep fit, and thus participate in such activities as joining the gym, yoga, and running. In all of these, you shall need to have the right gear if you are to participate safely and effectively. You need to especially pay attention to the shoes. If you shall be running for example you will need the right running shoes. This applies also to those who have been running for a while now. You should not continue using an old pair to run all the time. There are certain signs that will indicate it is time to get new shoes.
You need to consider the mileage on the shoes. If you have used them to cover more than 500 kilometers, you need to get new ones. Those who are heavy need to make the switch much earlier. The same applies to those who do trail running as opposed to those who do track and indoors. A good way to remember when to replace them is to write the date of purchase in the new shoes. This shall be your reference point when it comes to determining the mileage.
You shall also know it is time when you suffer frequent muscle fatigue, shin splints, and knee pain. That indicates how much cushioning an old pair has lost. You can conduct the twist test to determine how much of a support they still have. This is where you hold a shoe at both ends and twist it. It should feel sturdy and resist the pressure. A poor one shall easily cave in.
You also need to check out the sole of the shoe. If the soles have lost their treads, it is a clear indication that something needs to be done. Running shoes normally have soles that can outlast the upper sections. One that has the soles in such poor condition only means the rest of it is much worse. This shall be a dangerous shoe to keep running in.
You may also buy a new pair at any time. You shall now have two pairs to use on alternate days. You shall easily tell when the older one has passed its expiry date. You shall tell when you compare them.
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