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Some Foods That Can Act As Better Replacements for Butter

There are so many foods that require a spread and so, most of the people tend to use butter in such a case. There are so many advantages that come along with the use of butter, but there are disadvantages as well. You will be required to limit the use of butter in case you are on a ketogenic diet. You will realize that there are those foods that you can consume and maintain a very healthy diet without using the butter. Find out more about the foods that can be eaten and serve the same purpose as butter from this site.

There are these nuts made of butter that you can use instead of consuming too much butter. They are sweet, and they can be eaten even before they are processed. In butter, you will be able to find high levels of fats, and so it’s the case with the nut butter. Since you require butter to prepare some foods and also in cake baking, you will also make use of these nut butter to do the same.

You can avoid butter and go for the mashed bananas as they can serve the same purpose. You will gain more when it comes to nutrition when you get to use the mashed bananas instead of butter. You can however not substitute the mashed bananas for butter in a case where you want to prepare a meal that requires the butter to be melted first.

The Greek yogurt is another alternative of butter. There are so many types of yogurts and so, you ought to be very specific here. Go for the Greek one as it is very creamy and on top of that it is known for its very many health benefits. It can be used for baking since it has a very fine texture just like it is the case for butter.

There are so many health advantages of the prune puree, and so, you can make use of it instead of the butter. Prune puree is known as the food for the old which is used to boost their digestion and at the same time keep their guts in very good health. They are among the healthiest substitutes for butter.

When it comes to spreads, avocado is a better option and not butter since it contains a lot of nutrients. A lot of people will not get the logic and so, they will find this to be very new to them. It is important since it has very many nutritional values when used as a spread or eaten. Avocado is known to contain the potassium, vitamin k and some fibre in it.

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